Designer and creator Chris Birkett’s love for Halloween began as his Mother told stories of Halloween in the 50s that inspired him. The Haunted Graveyard began as a small display in 1986 with only a pumpkin patch and three gravestones. The next year, as a pre-teen, Chris connected a bbq motor to a gravestone as well as an opening and closing coffin. 

Each year his creativity grew and he continued to add to his theatrical nighttime display. Garnering the attention of the local news and a great neighborhood crowd he continued to create something more magical to share with people who joined in the love of Halloween and neighborly good times. 

After Halloween, 2001 the old Haunted Graveyard was laid to rest. In November of 2001, Chris and his cousin designed a new display called, The Haunted Graveyard presents “Halloween Town”. Drawing inspiration from the Nightmare before Christmas, Halloween Town was a lifesize version of Tim Burton’s infamous film. There were master-crafted illusions, air-compressed grave jumpers, flickering candlelight, and animated figures all run by computers. 

In 2003, on the fourth night of the Haunt, Chris and his buddy changed the display to include a walk-thru. They spent all night rearranging the display that they spent two and half months building. It was frightfully successful!

Since then, the walk-thru has grown into an epically creepy experience, winding its way around dark hallways, confusing audiences as to where they are actually going. Scaring the hard to scare with spooky halls, actors, illusions, and the fear of your own imagination, Chris continues to delight foolish mortals who dare to enter the Haunt.